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What to Expect

general guidelines/info

This is a "virtual" camp and all students MUST have access to a computer and WiFi.


We will be using a SECURE Zoom group meeting platform.  All students will be required to attend "in person" and have their video on live.  

Presentations: Students will hear from Community Leaders and also view documentaries and video clips all focusing on the social issue for that week. 

Community Projects: Students will be expected to participate in nonvirtual activities like neighborhood drives and delivering donations to nonprofits. There may be some limited materials that students will need to provide such as paper for flyers as well as an occasional video using their phone or computer.   This will be detailed in the confirmation information sent to you for each week after your registration. 

Students earn 35 hours toward the Mayor's Award or the Presidential Service Award !


Camp starts at 9am ends by 4pm

Typical Daily Schedule








Teambuilding Activity


Lunch Break

Community Project Work

Reflection/Report Outs

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