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Five different IMPACT Weeks are offered.

Students can register for one or multiple weeks.

Due to the Coronavirus and public health concerns our IMPACT Camps are now virtual. We have reduced the price from $350 to $150. If students register for multiple weeks the price is reduced to $125 per week. This discount also apples if multiple students from the same household register


To ensure your spot in the camps all payments must be made by noon the Friday before the camp.


All cancellations made after 12noon on the Friday before the start of camp will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

food drive1.jpg

Week 1


June 22 – 26

This week the focus is on Hunger. Students will learn about the surprising Food insecurities in our community. Students will organize a neighborhood food drive, develop marketing tools to address hunger and more...

Week 2

IMPACT Poverty

June 29-July 3

What does Poverty look like in our communities? This week will include a deep dive into this important issue. Students will be exposed to hard decisions thousands have to make everyday. A neighborhood drive to collect personal toiletries/hygiene products will be coupled with other meaningful projects.

tent poverty.png
Image by Thao Le Hoang

Week 3

IMPACT Literacy

July  13 – 17

Focusing on Literacy and Education, students will organize a book drive to benefit Book Harvest. Hearing from Community Leaders about the importance of literacy and educational disparities, students will learn how they can help make an impact.

Week 4 & 5

IMPACT Civic Engagement

July 20-24 and July 27-31

Topics this week will cover several crucial social justice areas in which students can get involved and create an IMPACT. We will discuss the Importance of Voting, the Census, Climate Change and Racial Equity. It will be a powerful week with students challenged to discuss meaningful and significant issues.  

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